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A virtual venue for all your virtual events.

Virtual events actually worth paying for.

Bring the excitement ( and money) back to your events with virtual reality

Increase event signups and satisfaction
Expand your event reach and brand exposure
Delight attendees with a unique virtual experience 
Monetize your event, sell sponsorships and booth space

Everything you need to delight your attendees.

Customizable Venues

Make any event space your own by adding images, videos and interactive websites. There are ample areas for sponsor package promotion.

Webcam Support

Stages can support multiple avatars or your speakers can choose to broadcast their webcams to create an even more dynamic experience.

Support for Thousands of Attendees

With underlying architecture built to grow, tens of thousands of attendees can explore and have fun with no slowing down in-world.

Spatialized Voice

Speech gets quieter and louder as you move, just like it does in real life, allowing dozens of separate conversations in each area.

Familiar Presentation Tools

It’s easy to give captivating keynotes with slides, websites, screen-sharing, laser pointers, sticky notes, and more. 

Breakout Groups

As conversations deepen, you can turn on private volume areas to foster attendee interaction and networking.

Unique Avatars

Attendees can create avatars with customizable clothes, hair, skin tone, and more. Great for letting them dress up or down to the occasion.

Full Power Presentations

Everything your speakers need to create immersive, interactive presentations and keynotes.

Present slides, PDFs, and documents

Share your screen or webcam

Interactive whiteboards and sticky notes

Show any software that runs in a web browser

Make Events 

Social & Fun

Design exciting environments, meet new people, do a little dance, or high five. Virtual worlds have plenty of ways to make events memorable..

Attendees Love Being Themselves

With quick-change choices in outfits and hairstyles, avatars showcase genuine diversity and personality. Movement is natural and expressive.

Looking for a non avatar based events

Conference Hall

Perfect for small events, meetings, or training — up to 200 individual users


For executive meetings, bigger groups, and presentations.


Large presentations, guest speakers, and shows. Thousands can attend.

Outdoor Campus

An open area for walking, talking, events, and networking.

Expo Hall

A large event space, with booths and meeting areas for hundreds or thousands.

Entertainment Stage

Perfect for entertainment, networking events, holiday parties, and more.


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